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NAEOP’s Peer Review Program

The Northwest Association of Educational Programs (NAEOP) has trained peer monitors available to perform site-visits for TRIO Programs.  The peer monitors work with a former U.S. Department of Education site-visitor and are willing to share their knowledge with both new and established projects.

The Peer Review Program was started by NAEOP in response to a drop-off in the number of site visits conducted by the U.S. Department of Education. NAEOP felt that the lack of site visits created a vacuum in which programs might move out of compliance.  The Peer Review program was created for Directors to take advantage of as a “technical checkup” on how their programs are doing in complying with the rules and regulations of the U.S. Department of Education. This as a valuable service for NAEOP, for the program being reviewed, and for the monitors.


As the Department of Education highlights the importance of implementing methods of evaluation to improve our evidence of projects’ effectiveness, NAEOP Peer Reviewer Program is commented to assist you in demonstrating appropriate and effective data collection methods that is linked with goals and objectives. The Peer Reviewer would assist you in recognizing the areas of improvements and the need for documentation for evidence of your services.

NAEOP’s Peer Review Program encompasses three distinct reviews.

Click on each link for a description of the review and cost(s) associated.

  1. Technical Review
  2. Full Project Review
  3. Out-of-Region Review
  4. NAEOP Self-Assessment

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