Importance of TRiO Advocacy
TRiO programs impact thousands of low-income, first generation college potential and disabled individuals. NAEOP collaborates with the Council for Opportunity in Education (COE) and other organizations to protect funding for TRiO programs. Continued advocacy on behalf of TRiO ensures that those students most vulnerable in our society are able to strive for better opportunities. In order to advocate effectively, information about current political conditions that may affect the TRiO community is essential.
What You Can Do
Your direct participation via email, personal calls and letters are important ways to defend and safeguard the rights of all to a higher education. TRiO affords the unique opportunity for engagement at local, regional and national levels, with a policy seminar held every March in Washington D.C. All TRiO staff and alumni are encouraged to participate in the annual Policy Seminar where hundreds of TRiO staff and alum go to Capitol Hill and engage with their State Senators and Representatives about the numerous educational and economic successes of TRiO programs. Depending on the time of year, the Policy Seminar link will provide you with information about the most recent or upcoming Policy Seminar.
Government Relations Summary
The Government Relations (G.R.) Summary is a periodic update from the Government Relations team at the Council for Opportunity in Education. It is provided by COE in order to keep the TRIO community up-to-date on all the latest happenings with respect to TRIO in Washington.
Most Recent “Call to Action”
Call to Action” is provided to help guide you to understand what advocacy is most urgent for TRIO programs. Most calls to action require contact with congressional offices. Following this are links to all NAEOP regional congressional offices.
Congressional Offices in the NAEOP Region
Additional Resources