The distinction of Lifetime Member has been conferred on the following individuals by the NAEOP (formerly NASP) Board. This honor recognizes these individuals for their years of diligent service to TRiO participants through the regional association or for outstanding contributions worthy of this distinction.

F. Selby Till ?
Stone Thomas ?
Marlys Noble ?
Ruth Russell ?
Pearl Hill ?
Lita Verts ?
Nancy Davis ?
Sally Burge ?
Fran Fielding ?
Pat Clyde 2006
George Dietz 2006
Isabel Bond 2006
Sally Burge 2006

Upon recommendation and approval of the NAEOP Board, a complimentary lifetime membership or other honoraria is granted to the following supporters of NAEOP:

  • Persons who have been or who were employed by a NAEOP (formerly NASP) TRiO program for eight years or longer & who have made outstanding contributions to the NAEOP regional association or to NAEOP programs
  • Other persons whom the board deems worthy of lifetime membership

Nominations may be made to the board by any current NAEOP member. Nominations should be submitted electronically to a NAEOP Board Member. Nominations should include a brief biography of the nominee detailing the term and nature of serve to NAEOP (formerly NASP). Nominations received on or before the April board meeting will be reviewed for eligibility and voted on by the Board during the June board meeting. Lifetime memberships will be granted with a 2/3 majority of the Board. Lifetime memberships will be awarded at the annual fall conference.